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What is a Turndown Service

    In the hospitality industry, turndown service is that the practice of staff entering a guest’s room and “turning down” the linen of the bed within the room, preparing the bed to be used .

    In multiple countries, an item of confectionery like a chocolate or a mint is usually left on top of a pillow on the bed that has been turned down.

    Some hotels have more elaborate turndown services, like bed-time stories for youngsters and cocktails served to couples.

    Ultimate Guide Turndown Service

    Turndown service or evening service is one among the foremost important services provided by housekeeping department. it’s such a classy service that might not cost a hotel, motel or cruise liner much but a well- designed turn down service is very helpful to urge ultimate guest satisfaction. The concept of turndown service has been developed to supply a soothing homey environment to your guest within the evening to return from their sightseeing or touring of that day. during this tutorial we are going cover everything relevant to turndown service that as an hotelier you’ll got to learn like what’s turndown service, A to Z turndown service procedure, tipping system of turndown service, responsibilities of turndown room attendant and lots of more. Stay tuned.

    What is a Turndown Service

    It is difficult to answer what’s turndown service during a single sentence. Definition of Turndown service are often given during this way turndown service is serving guest within the evening or in the dark , usually when guest are out of the space during evening hours for having dinner or sightseeing, administered in luxury hotels which involves turning down the guest bed sheets and freshening the guest room. generally turndown or evening service began at 6 PM and it continues until completed. the most purpose of providing such service is to make sure that guest feel highest level of comfort before and through sleep. Turndown service was once reserved for VIP guests only but because the time passes now it becomes quite obligatory routine service for all guest. albeit , it’s quite refill , so not every hotel provides nightly turndown or evening service. There are actually many low-budget hotels that do not offer this service. Some hotels provide for the asking , some charges and a few provides only to VIP guests. But turndown service is extremely much common in luxurious hotels, resorts and cruise ships.

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    5 Best Hotel Turndown Services

    Turndown service is that the hallmark of a luxury hotel. You might find a fresh cup of water and slippers beside your bed-or maybe a chocolate upon your pillow. But candy almost feels snoozy compared to those nightly delights. Herewith, our definitive list of these turndowns that go well above and beyond the decision of housekeeping.

    Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa

    A turndown exclusively for the small ones: The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa delights families with an in-room campsite. The experience includes a private (and popped) tent, outfitted with a bag and pretend pit . Even the chef will prepare s’mores kits for the kids to enjoy around the “fire.” Luxury kids’ rooms are available at the hotel.

    Anantara Phuket Layan Resort & Spa

    At this Thai resort on Phuket’s western coast, guests can laze the times away at the beach, then return to the dreamiest sleep. The “Slumber Guru” service at Anantara Phuket Layan Resort & Spa may be a calming ritual that begins with a candlelit milk bath, where one can sip herb tea or Italian cocoa within the tub. Post-soak, there’s a soothing massage with lavender or ylang-ylang volatile oil . Sleep awaits on a bed wearing the guests’ personal pillow selection, misted with a soothing spray, and paired with a lavender silk domino and ear plugs.

    Paradise Beach Resort

    As it so happens, Nevis has more mangoes than the other island within the Caribbean. In keeping with the island’s awe-inspiring charm, the luxurious Paradise Beach Resort leaves guests with an overflowing basket of locally plucked mangoes as their turndown gift. And if one features a hankering for a nightcap, a couple of said “turndown mangos” are often marched on to the round-the-clock concierge and magically concocted into a fresh cocktail.

    The Spectator Hotel

    An artistic movement treasure of a hotel in Charleston’s historic downtown is downright made for evenings. Each guest of the ultra-smart Spectator Hotel is appointed a private butler, who, during turndown, will shine one’s shoes spotlessly clean and deliver them promptly subsequent morn. Possibly even better may be a mini cordial served an in edible chocolate cup, each hand-batched by the hotel’s own “cocktail artisan.” Flavors might include a classy combat the mudslide or a tiramisu.

    Twin Farms

    Situated on 300 acres of bucolic land in Bernard, Vermont, Twin Farms is that the epitome of laid-back luxury. Come evening, guests are treated to a miniature Stave Puzzle, which is more sort of a work of art. Each wooden puzzle , custom-made for the hotel that changes seasonally, is meant with smart silhouettes to please and confuse the engineer. additionally to turndown, the puzzles are placed throughout the property—often best put together by a roaring fire.

    Hotel Ivy Minneapolis

    Serving because the only luxury hotel within the state of Minnesota, Hotel Ivy, a Luxury Collection Hotel, offers a nightcap that extends far beyond the humdrum minibar vodka bottle. The “Minnesota Toddy Turndown” is tray of thoughtfully curated local ingredients, all fashioned to concoct a splendid toddy . There’s an area whiskey, honey, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, and lemons sourced from the farmer’s market; a take-home custom-made leather coaster from Leatherworks MN may be a thoughtful touch, too. Come warmer months, a beverage takes the place of this steamy beverage.