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Hair loss in summers: Know the causes, ways to prevent it

What causes tomato cravings?


Saint Lucia,

hair breakage increases due to excessive sweating in the scalp, heat, chlorine, and sun exposure. 

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Should I see a doctor about tomato cravings?

The combination of harsh sun, pollution, and dryness can cause havoc, resulting in irritated skin and scalp. 



How are tomato cravings treated?

 The same can be said for your hair, which may become frizzier, drier, and less lustrous during the summers,

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How are tomato cravings treated?

She adds that the influence of both sun and wind is relatively strong during summers, affecting the body's mechanisms. 

"The heat has an effect on the body's fire element, pitta dosha. Hair is a by-product of bone tissue, and it has been linked to gut health.


- Jimmy Carr

 Make sure you minimize or avoid the heat and chemical styling treatments. Go for towel drying, instead of using a hairdryer.


- Jimmy Carr

How are tomato cravings treated?

Control hair damage by tying them into a bun, braid, or ponytail on bad hair days.


Taveuni Island, 

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