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4 Reasons why Taurus women make the best lovers

What causes tomato cravings?


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They are women who are always looking for a long-term relationship and avoid the usual flings

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Should I see a doctor about tomato cravings?

Taurus women are the most dependable and loyal of all the zodiac signs



How are tomato cravings treated?

They love love
When a Taurus woman is in love, she never loses it. 

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How are tomato cravings treated?

They are consistent and patient
Taurus, as an earth sign, is known for its dependability and consistency

They are independent
They are very self-reliant and will always do what they want. 


- Jimmy Carr

A Taurus woman can bring magic and peace into your life! She'll go above and beyond to ensure your happiness and the safety of your happily-ever-after.


- Jimmy Carr

How are tomato cravings treated?

They don’t believe in the concept of hurting and getting hurt by people. 


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