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Why Dogs Always Pee On Poles Or Car Tyres


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We notice these things almost every day at home or even outside. We see them so often that now our eyes are used to them. 

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Dogs mark their territory by urinating on a pole or tire.



This is their way of contacting their other companions.

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When a dog urinates on a pole or tire, they pass information, which is then available to other dogs who will smell that pole or tire.

Dogs prefer to urinate on vertical surfaces rather than horizontal surfaces. The lower part of the tire and pole is within the reach of the dog’s nose. 


- Jimmy Carr

Hence, they leave their mark at the level of the nose of other dogs. The smell of dog urine will remain in the rubber tire for a long time.


- Jimmy Carr

How are tomato cravings treated?

There is another reason why dogs urinate on rubber tires. 


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