How to stay active in the workplace

Whether you are cramming in some last-minute exercise before the holidays or trying a new workout, beware of aching muscles.

Whether you have recently taken up exercise or really pushed your limits, you may well be familiar with this sequence of events.

You are experiencing the delights of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). But what causes the pain, and is there anything you can do to stop it? We bring you the scientific evidence.

DOMS is the hallmark of eccentric exercise. This is any exercise that causes a muscle to lengthen while it is under tension.

Unfortunately, nobody really knows what causes DOMS, despite the fact that there are several scientific theories. Prof. Hume thinks it’s a combination of the many theories out there.

First, the forces generated during the eccentric movement damage the muscle structure and the surrounding connective tissue.

Many of the theories about DOMS point the finger squarely at excessive free radicals and oxidative damage generated during eccentric exercise.

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