Diet Soda's Dangers

Weight increase results.Before recent investigations on diet soda's risks, many dieters switched to diet. Imagine their surprise when they didn't lose weight and gained more.

Diet soda and weight gain? Diet Coke contains several chemicals and artificial substances, including sweeteners, but no real sugar or calories. These artificial substances can make you seek high-calorie and sugary foods.

Artificial sweeteners may also lead your body to miscalculate the quantity of calories you're consuming, slowing your metabolism and making it harder to lose weight.

It causes type-2 diabetes.Think sugar-free Coke is safe for diabetics? Reconsider. Diet soda's artificial sweeteners can raise blood sugar and insulin levels, causing diabetic shock.

Diabetes-free? You aren't safe. Diet soda increases type-2 diabetes risk. Diet soda causes weight gain and a sluggish metabolism. These two factors can lead to diabetes.

Heart issues can resultNumerous studies relate diet Coke to congestive heart failure, cardiac disease, and/or heart attacks. 

It virtually doubles your stroke risk.In 2011, the American Heart Association presented a presentation at the International Stroke Conference showing that diet Coke increased stroke risk by 48%.

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