Where To See Penguins In The Wild

Phillip Island

As the sunset turns the sky orange, hundreds of little blue penguins tumble, trot, and waddle out of the sea. They scurry across the sand so close you could almost pet them

New Zealand

Famous as the home of another iconic flightless bird, the kiwi, New Zealand is a bird-lovers paradise

South Africa

Watch hundreds of African penguins sunbathe on the white sands and giant granite rocks that give Boulders Beach its name. 


If you want to see as many of the 17 species of penguins as possible in one trip, then board a cruise to Antarctica. 


To spend the day with charismatic Gentoo penguins, make your way down to the world’s southernmost city—Ushuaia—on the tip of Argentina.


From Punta Arenas, sail through the legendary Strait of Magellan to make landfall on Magdalena Island, also known as Los Pinguinos National Monument. 

 Galapagos Islands

Living among gigantic tortoises, sleepy fur seals, and Darwin’s finches, you’ll find the northernmost living species of penguin—the Galapagos penguin

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