How exercise tells the brain to curb appetite

For a long time, I lived with the conviction that the more physically active I was, the more my appetite would increase. 

Studies have now shown that aerobic exercise — such as running, cycling, and swimming — actually decreases appetite

one researcher decided to take steps toward understanding what goes on in the body after a decent workout.

When we eat foods that contain hot chili peppers, our body temperature seems to go up, and our appetite decreases. 

 That is because chili peppers contain a compound called “capsaicin,” which interacts with sensory receptors (TRPV1 receptors) in the body, bringing about the sensation of being hotTrusted Source and flushed.

Capsaicin has also been shown to create a decrease in appetiteTrusted Source, which has made this compound a target of research for weight loss treatments.

This is a membrane that prevents most of the cells in the brain from being exposed to serious fluctuations in blood plasma composition, thus protecting neural function.

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