Knowing these traits can help you to understand your strengths, your weaknesses, how you can influence others, and how to improve your personality.

You strive for power and control in life, but are often artistic and intuitive and do not share things well with others.

You’re above average, worldly, conventional, proper, polite, and regal. While black may mean “depression” to the clinical psychologist, to you it means “dignity.”

You value your inner world keep your private life private.

Only close relatives and friends are privy to your thoughts and feelings.

You’re articulate and at times dramatic, but not unrestrained.

Step Five: Primer

Finish your pre-makeup skincare routine with primer. Although, you should consult with your makeup artist .

You know how to share your point of view with conviction and authority.

You maintain self-control easily, and can control most situations as well.

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