5 Essential Dog Commands

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the most basic dog commands to teach your pup, thus making it a great one to start with

Another important command for your dog to learn is the word “come.”

This next command is one of the more difficult dog training commands to teach.

Step Two: Serum

Next up is a serum. Simon emphasizes the use of hydrating serums, saying, "something water-based, preferably something with hyaluronic acid.


Similar to the “Sit” command, the “Stay” cue will help make your dog easier to control. 

Leave it
This last command can help keep your dog safe when his curiosity gets the better of him such as those times when he smells something intriguing but possibly dangerous on the ground.

Don’t rush the process of teaching your pup any one of these dog training commands. Remember, you’re asking a lot of your dog. If you take it up a notch and he’s really struggling, go back to the previous stage.

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