Cookies as we know them fall into four basic categories based on the way they are made, according to Chef Richard J, Coppedge, Jr.

Drop cookies
Also known as icebox cookies, drop cookies are made from a sticky dough that patient people refrigerate before baking, Coppedge explains. 

Piped cookies
Made by squeezing dough through a cookie press, spritz cookies fall into this category. “They spread a little but hold their shape well,” Coppedge says.

Roll-out cookies
While binders such as milk or egg may also be included in roll-out cookie recipes, the result tends to be a firm but tender dough that holds its shape quite nicely. 

Some specialty cookies technically fall into “cake” or “other” territory due to the way the batter is made. 

Black and White Cookies 

The treat is flipped after baking and covered with black and white fondant icing.

As such, biscotti is a hard cookie. Try our favorite biscotti recipe.

Butter Cookies
They’re like sugar cookies but they aren’t garnished with sugar,” 

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