There are many things that we know and have discovered with the help of science and history today

But there remains so many others that are unexplained and can be listed under mysterious things in the world. 

1. Nazca Lines in Peru
In the Nazca Desert of Peru are these amazingly mysterious Pre-historic era lines to be found

2. Eternal Flame Falls in the USA
Located in Western New York, Eternal Flame Falls are one of the most mysterious things you’d come across

4. Blood Falls in Antarctica
 In the middle of the coldest continent on Earth where you will only see glaciers and ice sheets will you also find a blood red stream that seeps through the bright white ice

5. Door to Hell in Turkmenistan
In 1971 when engineers were drilling the Earth in Turkmenistan, a whole chunk of ground fell

6. Crooked Forest in Poland

There are some 400 pine trees planted 80 years ago in this forest that are weirdly shaped. 

7. Island of Dolls in Mexico
Close to Mexico City is this island where you will find multiple dolls hanging by the tree. This sight is straight out of a horror movie and has attracted many tourists from around the world.

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