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Shakespeare's Globe may be a recreation of the world Theater where you'll enjoy the classic works of Shakespeare performed under similar conditions because the plays originally were during their debut.


London, UK

Shakespeare's Globe

The Royal opera may be a popular theater where you will find plays, operas and ballet performances by a number of the foremost critically acclaimed performers within the world.


London, UK

Royal Opera House

Young Vic may be a humanistic discipline venue that's dedicated to showcasing a good sort of theatrical productions while maintaining accessibility and affordability for all who want to partake.


London, UK

Young Vic

Sadler's Wells may be a world-leading theater focused on the art of dance with quite 3 centuries of rich history and a various program of performances


London, UK

Sadler's Wells

The National Theater or Royal National Theater is one among the foremost prominent theaters within the city and features 3 distinct theaters with various offerings.


London, UK

National Theater

The Barbican may be a humanistic discipline center that not only hosts concerts and plays, but it also showcases movie screenings and art exhibitions of both the classic and contemporary varieties.


London, UK


The London Coliseum may be a luxurious theater and therefore the largest altogether of London where you'll enjoy high-end opera and ballet performances.


London, UK

London Coliseum

Regent's Park outdoors Theater may be a theater within the park where you'll see outdoor performances that predominantly contains musical concerts and stage plays


London, UK

Regent's Park Open Air Theater

The Old Vic may be a historic and world-famous theater known for its supreme cast, who often goes on to star in their title , which usually returns for productions.

London, UK


The Old Vic

Unicorn Theater is specially designed to appeal to younger audiences from children to young adults with family-friendly productions that adults can enjoy also .


London, UK

Unicorn Theater

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