This Type of Coffee Could Raise Your Cholesterol

The researchers found that among more than 21,000 Norwegian adults, those who indulged in several cups of coffee a day generally had slightly higher cholesterol than non-drinkers.

People who drank the "least filtered" kinds of coffee — made with a French press, for example — showed the largest cholesterol effects:

On average, those who drank six or more cups a day had total cholesterol levels that were eight to 12 points higher, versus non-drinkers.

Espresso lovers were next, followed by women who drank filtered drip coffee (with no cholesterol effects seen among their male counterparts).

The findings are in line with past studies suggesting that unfiltered coffee might have a particular effect on cholesterol levels, according to researcher.

because coffee contains natural oils that can raise blood cholesterol. Researchers have long known that unfiltered coffees.

The findings, published online May 10 in the journal Open Heart, are based on more than 21,000 adults aged 40 and up who reported on their coffee drinking habits, exercise levels and alcohol intake.

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