This is Justin Bieber’s Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Justin's slim frame and muscular arms that have fans swooning. At 5'9, the singer has always been on the smaller side, but he's clearly built up quite a bit of tone and muscle over the years.


Justin loves a filling, well-rounded breakfast in the morning. But, mainly when he features a performance that night, he needs to start his time off energized.


Way back when Justin Bieber's go-to lunch was spaghetti bolognese. It's an irony to mention he loved the dish. Lunch! Spaghetti bolognese


One of Justin and Hailey's frequent dinners is sushi. A typical sushi meal for Justin includes a mixture of rolls and sashimi. Once ordered sushi rolls, avocado rolls, and differing types of sashimi: salmon, whitefish, and tuna.


Justin has to keep his energy up with snacks to urge through his busy days on the road. Among his cheat snacks are donut holes, specifically Timbiebs.

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