10 Things to Avoid the Week Before Your Wedding

New Hair Color

"Even if your colorist is the absolute best, avoid making changes to your hair within a week of your wedding," 

Drastic Haircuts

"Wedding trials and consultations start about three months prior to the actual day, and you should keep the same hairstyle throughout the process


For something you sip, alcohol carries a ton of extra calories, so you may want to cut back even earlier than the week before your wedding.

A New Workout

Stick to the routine you've been doing," says Melissa Paris, a certified group exercise instructor and Lululemon ambassador. 

Spray Tan Booths

"Spray tanning in a booth may be a budget-friendly option for a safe, sunless glow, but there's a good chance the color you get won't match your skin tone

Changing Up Your Makeup

"Sometimes brides panic at the last minute that they've got too much or too little makeup on,

Juice Cleanses

"I like to think of food as fuel," says Keri Gans, a registered dietitian and author of The Small Change Diet. 

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