The World’s 10 Best Countries For Chocolate Lovers

With so many varieties and local delicacies available worldwide, you can sample true chocolate mastery almost anywhere you travel. But if you need some destination inspiration for a future foodie trip.


Chocolate is still prevalent in Mexican cuisine, both in desserts and as a savory marinade called mole, which is often served over meat.


What makes Swiss chocolate so delicious? It could be that high-quality milk from Alpine cows combined with a generous percentage of cocoa butter


There are even chocolate treatments at spas that range from chocolate skin wraps, facials, and cocoa bath soaks.

South Korea

You can take your pick from a long list of much-loved local chocolate shops, each touting its own spin on classic recipes such as elegant French-style truffles and cakes.

Serious fans can also spend most of the autumn and winter months attending one of the annual Italian chocolate festivals. From CioccolaTò in Turin to CioccoShow in Bologna,


The United Kingdom

Chocolate lovers will feel right at home in the U.K. In London alone, you can learn to make chocolate, try a chocolate afternoon tea, and take a walking tour of local chocolate shops.

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