The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Adventure Elopement

Big, traditional weddings aren’t for everyone, and there’s certainly no harm in choosing a different route.

Choosing to have an adventure elopement is a great option for those who love to explore the outdoors, those who have a passion for traveling, and couples that enjoy discovering new places. It’s all about the experience. 

“Couples elope for all sorts of reasons,” says Hernandez. “It can be because of money or sticky family dynamics. 

The couple may want to focus on only each other, maybe they don’t have the time to plan a big wedding, or they could simply want to spend the day doing something they love together!”

Choosing the location for your adventure elopement may be the most important task of all. After all, that’s typically 

why you’ve chosen to say “I do” outdoors in the first place. Hernandez suggests first thinking about any locations with a significant meaning for you and your partner.

The location of a first date, a trip you took together, or a spot you’ve always talked about exploring can be a great starting point. 

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