The New Normal of Selling a Home Today

If you’re selling your home right now—or thinking about doing it soon—you should know that today’s housing market is unlike anything we’ve seen or
experienced lately, maybe ever.

home sellers might have waited weeks or months to get an offer that might not be as high as they’d hoped. 

 Buyers may have lowballed, or driven a hard bargain asking sellers to make certain repairs or other concessions before closing the deal.

Home inventory is low although buyers are out in droves, there are many fewer homes on the market than usual—which is creating a highly competitive market for buyers nationwide.

Home prices are HIGH
WITH fewer homes and high demand for them, many sellers are seeing multiple offers that, in turn, are driving up prices.

Interest rates are at record low
sEven though home prices are high, mortgage interest rates have hit record lows. And since even a 1% lower interest rate 

It’s a seller’s market“
There are many ways to define a seller’s market,” says Hale. “But a few key hallmarks are limited availability of homes for sale, fast-selling homes

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