The making of F1 world champion Max Verstappen

As he watched his dad's van pull back on to the Autostrada without him, Max Verstappen was struggling to digest what had happened.

In all of his 14 years and 11 months on this earth, he'd never seen his dad as angry as he was at the go-kart track a couple of hours earlier.

As he sat waiting for his mum, who was in a separate car a little further back on the same road, Max was still working the mistake over in his head. 

It was a silly mistake. A costly mistake. One of those weird moments in motorsport.

where a number of seemingly unrelated factors lead to a split-second decision that ultimately ruins a whole weekend's work.

The weekend had looked so promising, too. The event was the KZ2 World Championship final at Sarno -- a track near Naples.

His father, Jos, a former F1 driver and now Max's full-time kart mechanic, always made sure his son had the best equipment when he moved up,

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