Ten Of The Best Marathons In The World

London Marathon

It doesn’t get any more special than London Marathon. This world-famous route is regularly cited as one of the top marathons on the planet. 

Athens Marathon

No list of top marathons would be complete without paying homage to the birthplace of Olympians. Earn your bragging rights by visiting Athens and running in the footsteps of the first marathon runner.

Marathon De Paris

The City of Love, Paris, is regularly named as one of the top European marathons, partly due to its incredible sights. The route starts on the Champs-Élysée

Boston Marathon

With age comes prestige. Starting in 1897 and passing through eight cities and towns, this marathon deserves its crown as one of the world’s best marathons.

Vancouver Marathon

If you need variety to keep you eating up the miles, Vancouver marathon is an excellent choice. Explore twelve different areas while running,

Great Wall Marathon

Considered one of the most arduous courses in the world, runners climb more than 5,000 steps and finish by running through small Chinese villages in the lower valley. 

Big Five Marathon

Set in the beautiful scenery of the South African savanna, there is nothing to separate you from the wild animals. As a result, you may find yourself upping the pace,

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