Ten most impactful NFL trades of the 2022 offseason

It's difficult to argue that there's been a crazier NFL offseason than this year's version.

It's even harder to make the case that all this volatility could've been predicted. There was no way to foresee the constant movement of star players, especially on the trade market. 

Time will tell if this is the new normal. It also will be intriguing to see how all this player shuffling ultimately affects what happens on the field this coming fall.

There were so many teams making blockbuster moves -- all with the hope of improving their respective positions.

That not everybody is going to be pleased with the end results. As the saying goes, only one team in this league ever finishes the year feeling good about itself.

This is why it's a great time to evaluate the major trades so far, as well as what they'll mean this fall.

This is how it all looks from here, when you're talking about which offseason deal will have the biggest impact on the coming season

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