Take Care of Your Aging Feet

Foot problems are especially common in older people, for a variety of reasons. Feet lose cushioning as they age, and the skin and nails can grow dry and brittle.

Finding comfortable shoes that fit is the best thing you can do for your feet. It's especially important to avoid tight or high-heeled shoes that put undue pressure on the foot.

The constant rubbing and pinching from this "fashionable" footwear are a major cause of corns, calluses, and bunions. (Not surprisingly, these conditions occur four times as often in women as in men.)

If you usually spend much of the day in a chair, you can improve your circulation by stretching, walking, and other exercises.

Dry skin. You can reduce the burning and itching of dry skin with moisturizers, preferably the kind with petroleum jelly or lanolin.

Corns and calluses. As mentioned, wearing properly fitting shoes is the best way to prevent these painful sores.

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