Speeds hit 243 mph at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but windy weather disrupts Indy 500 qualifying

First came the wind - 41 mph gusts that created some of the most challenging conditions in Indianapolis Motor Speedway history -- and the rain was expected to follow.

It put IndyCar on its heels on "Fast Friday" as race officials scrambled to save qualifying for the Indianapolis 500.

Not a single drop of rain had fallen when IndyCar adjusted its Saturday schedule in hopes of avoiding any disruption to qualifying for its marquee event next weekend.

Weather conditions at the speedway have changed daily since the track opened on sunshine-soaked Tuesday for Indy 500 prep.

Wednesday was a washout, Thursday was just a regular day at the speedway and wind-whipped Friday saw nail-biting speed on the track.

Drivers were on edge and few willing to complete a full four-lap run without lifting off the gas during blistering fast mock qualifying runs.

 Conor Daly, with a Chevrolet engine for Ed Carpenter Racing, maxed out at an eye-popping 243.724 miles per hour (392.24 kph) in turn three

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