The major concern of consuming too much sodium is the well-established link to the increased risk of high blood pressure (or hypertension). 

High blood pressure is in turn a risk factor for heart disease and stroke, a major cause of severe illness and death in Australia. 

The exact processes that lead to high blood pressure from eating large amounts of sodium are not fully understood.

 we do know that it’s due to physiological changes that occur in the body to tightly control the body’s fluid and sodium levels. 

This involves changes in how the kidneys, heart, nervous system and fluid-regulating hormones respond to increasing sodium levels in our body.

The Bernina Express train line passes through Maintaining tight control of sodium levels is necessary because sodium affects the membranes of all the individual cells in your body.alpine scenery as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When we eat too much salt, this increases sodium levels in the blood. The body responds by drawing more fluid into the blood 

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