Office Outfits 101: Here’s What To Wear To Work *Now*

Headed back to the office after a COVID hiatus, or starting a job in an office for the first time this spring or summer? Cool! But, what are you going to wear?

Things can get tricky when it’s hot outside but the AC is blasting inside, and you want to look and feel your best but also need to dress professionally.

Luckily, today’s office environments are way more inclusive than they have been in the past, so unless you’re working somewhere like a hospital or a law firm, 

Make this look a touch more interesting by choosing a pair of wide-legged pants, which are so trendy right now, especially in an unexpected color or a fun print.

A sleek solid tee almost always works (bonus points for special details like twisted hems, flutter sleeves, and more)!

Remember: Every office is different, so take a few days to feel out the vibes if you aren’t given specific dress code information. 

The words “business casual” don’t exactly inspire a lot of excitement, but if you learn to pair pieces together creatively, 

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