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How single MOM are navigating the world of online dating

Tomatophagia may sometimes be associated with nutritional deficiencies, especially in pregnant women. 


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Dating as a single parent can be intimidating, whether you're newly single or returning to dating after a period of prioritising yourself and your children.

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Should I see a doctor about tomato cravings?

However, with honesty, clear communication, and healthy boundaries, getting back out there can be a lot of fun and rewarding.



How are tomato cravings treated?

The circumstances that led to you becoming a single parent may have been distressing or devastating, but this is another opportunity for you to learn from your mistakes and get it right.

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How are tomato cravings treated?

But before you decide to commit to someone, have a relationship with yourself. Give yourself all the love you can, and that light will eventually attract the right person for you.

Be open to possibilities: There may be reasons that prevent you from starting over–you may meet people who aren't a good fit for you, or you may hold yourself back–but the important thing is to be yourself and keep an open mind about adapting to new ways of life.


Do not feel guilty about prioritising yourself for a few hours a day or week; you are not a bad mother if you go on a few dates!


- Jimmy Carr

How are tomato cravings treated?

Be transparent with your children: If you are considering dating as a single mother, talk to your children about the possibility of falling in love with someone and encourage them to be open to you about their feelings.


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