Natural Ways to Relieve Sinus Pain

Sinus pain and pressure occur when the tissue in your nose and sinuses becomes swollen and inflamed.

This prevents the sinuses, which are air-filled pockets on either side of the bridge of your nose, from properly draining.

Change of temperature, allergies, smoking, and the common cold can trigger sinus problems and may lead to sinusitis or infection.

Healthy sinuses are filled with air, but when they become blocked and filled with fluid, germs can grow and cause an infection that can be quite unpleasant.

“The most common cause for sinusitis is an infection caused by bacteria, virus, or even fungus.

All age groups can be affected by sinusitis, and it is one of the most common complaints that lead patients to see their doctor.”

Avoid irritants such as fumes from harsh cleaning products, paints, hair sprays and smoke.

Don’t let friends and family smoke in your home,” says WebMD, and use environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are unscented.

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