7 worthy ways to impress a girl !

Dress to impress.
Not only will you look and smell more attractive, taking care of your grooming shows her that you're mature and capable of important daily tasks.

Be polite
Being well-mannered doesn't mean you're boring — it means you know how to treat other people with respect, a quality most girls want in their boyfriends

Think before you speak
Everyone slips up and says stupid things, but try your best to limit it when you're around this girl.

Pay her a sincere compliment
One thing you should say when you're around her is a nice, genuine compliment

Make her feel special.
Find little ways to let her know that you think she's an extraordinary person, and she'll definitely notice.

Spend time on self-improvement. 
Dedicate the hours you would otherwise spend with her (or thinking about her) to feeling better about yourself.

Get some space away from her.
It's the hardest thing to do when you're crazy about a girl, but it's the only sure way to get out of the friendzone

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