Lost Coast California Road Trip: From Black Sand Beaches to Giant Redwood Trees

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It wasn’t our intention to explore the Lost Coast Highway, which started just down the road, but to see how many humans it took to hug a redwood tree 30 minutes drive away. 

Would it really be worth all that extra effort?

As we were traveling with kids too, there is only so much whining you can take spending the vast majority of the day in a cramped car with them. 

Ferndale, California

Its location sandwiched between the Lost Coast and ancient redwood forests makes for a beautiful and tranquil base to explore this Humboldt County region. 

The Lost Coast Headland

It was so verdant and green with a few farm houses here and there and several happy cows chewing grass or sitting on the side of the road quietly watching you drive by. 

Black Sand Beach, California

The sheer mountains sloped down to end on the black sandy cove providing mesmerizing stark contrast between the black beach, the green mountains.

Shelter Cove

Just a little further on from Black Sand Beach (like a 2 minute drive on) is the delightful little fishing village of Shelter Cove. 

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Now it’s time to explore what is said to be the heart of redwood country containing the biggest and best collection of giant coastal redwoods anywhere in the world.


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