Life May Actually Flash Before Your Eyes at Death

The notion that at the time of death, life “flashes before your eyes” has been a cultural expression featured in many forms of literature and film.

new research shows that brain activity does continue after the heart stops, giving hope that at the time of passing, fond memories are being replayed.

the University of Tartu in Estonia recorded brain gamma waves during a patient’s death that resemble those that occur during dreaming and meditation.

Many people who have experienced near-death experiences say that indeed, their life was replayed before their eyes but until this research, neuroscientists were at a loss to confirm the phenomenon.

Albert Einstein said that time is relative and dependent on the perception of the person and situation.

87-year-old patient when he unexpectedly suffered a heart attack and died.

We measured 900 seconds of brain activity around the time of death and set a specific focus to investigate what happened in the 30 seconds before and just after the heart stopped beating

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