Our ancestors worshiped the sun for many reasons. This is what you will receive if you look up instead of down while you walk:

Look up and witness the beauty. Notice the subtle changes in the sky as the sun rises up over the mountains, trees, houses or buildings where you are. 

At sunrise, the energy from the sun is one of peace. Open your heart and feel it. Allow it to permeate your being.

There is a beauty all around us, yet, many never notice it. When you begin to notice the little things, your life takes on a brighter hue.

You will stop taking your life, partner, children, friends for granted. Each day is a beautiful gift. Be grateful. Say thank you to the sun for rising on this gorgeous day.


The sun can recharge you. It is composed of ultraviolet light which the body needs for optimum health.

Natural Source of Vitamin D
Endorphins give you that feel good feeling which causes happiness and satisfaction which prevents depression.

Sunlight is good for the nervous system
Lack of sunlight is now linked to PTSD. Exposure to the sun can reduce anxiety. 

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