This is our list of lesser-known things to do in the citY

1. Musée Bourdelle
If the idea of elbowing through the Louvre crowds makes you queasy, book into this charming, off-the-tourist-track museum in the 15th arrondissement. 

2. La Boutique de Cara
There are consignment stores then there are consignment stores. 

3. Le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen
They come dressed in scruffs and wide-smiles, empty bags flung over their arms, waiting to be filled with various trinkets and treasures from the city’s sprawling Saint-Ouen flea market.

4. Romy Schneider at the Cinémathèque Française
It’s been 40 years since her death, and silver screen vixen Romy Schneider’s allure endures. 

5. Yves Saint Laurent Aux Musées: Yves takes Paris

The Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation will occupy six of the city’s most illustrious institutions with an array of themed exhibitions

6. Cycle along the Seine
In the past few years, ambitious urbanism plans have made cycling in Paris easier and safer, and a growing number of Parisians are choosing to get around on two wheels. 

7. Learn to make pastry
The centrally located La Cuisine Paris cooking school has a range of culinary courses in English focusing on French sweets and treats: from pastry and tarts to macarons.

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