Insecure? This Could Make You More Attractive

Have you ever been out with someone you're strongly attracted to, but who also makes you feel anxious?

Maybe you perceive differences in status, physical attractiveness, or social proficiency.

they begin by acknowledging that research shows that people prefer securely attached individuals when choosing between secure or insecure partner prototypes.

Accordingly, they sought to explore the factors that cause people to select insecure partners, specifically examining flattery, appearance, and status.

Many accomplished, good-looking, outgoing people seem to have it all. As a result, others may fail to acknowledge or compliment a successful, attractive individual, figuring they are besieged with admirers.

insecurity when faced with physical beauty, while women might be more inclined to choose a secure man who is not overly handsome.

They cite previous research showing that men are less selective than women when choosing dating partners, and also less concerned with negative personality traits.

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