How to Start a Travel Blog (The Ultimate Guide)

Before you start a travel blog

By having 4 years of blogging experience, we know the ins and outs of how to start a travel blog successfully.

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And that’s exactly what we’re going to learn you in this guide. We managed to make a living of our own travel blog within eight months after launching.

1. Travel Blog name and URL

Choosing a name for your blog is one of the essential things branding-wise. This is where your travel blog starts. 

Think of an URL (website address), including words like ‘travel’ might help SEO-wise, it’s good to remember that the most successful travel blogs don’t even have this.

3. Install WordPress to start a travel blog

WordPress is made for blogging. It is safe, self-updating, flexible if you need to, and future-proof. 

4. Start configuring your travel blog

Now that you’re into your blog’s WordPress dashboard navigate to Settings -> General Settings.

5. Get a layout for your travel blog

Create your own unique template by hiring a developer.

Buy one from a WordPress themes webshop. (Like this one)

6. Install the essential plugins

They will help you to use features made by the community, you developers all over the world. 

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