How to Recognize the Signs of Depression in Yourself or Loved Ones ?

Clear clutter. According to WebMD, studies have shown that your brain is affected by visual chaos. Clutter may also raise the stress hormone cortisol, especially in women.

Read something uplifting. A good read is a great mental escape hatch if it’s pleasant and riveting.

Pet a furry friend. College students who petted a cat or dog for just 10 minutes had lower levels of cortisol, a major stress hormone.

Eat a Mediterranean diet. A peer-reviewed study found that following the Mediterranean diet that features fish, whole grains, nuts, and lots of fresh vegetables.

Exercise. The experts at Harvard Medical School say that exercise is an all-natural treatment to fight depression — in some cases as effective as antidepressants.

Reach out. If you feel lonely or isolated, seek support from a trusted friend, family member or healthcare professional.

These “happiness habits” can get you through a rough spot but are not meant to replace professional help for serious depression, acute anxiety, or other clinical issues.

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