How to Prep Your Skin for Wedding Day Makeup

This isn’t to say that you need to do your entire wedding day routine every day for a month, but rather, Simon does not recommend introducing any new products into your routine the day of the wedding.

Step One: Cleanse

Starting your morning skincare routine with a cleanser is pretty self-explanatory.

Step Two: Serum

Next up is a serum. Simon emphasizes the use of hydrating serums, saying, "something water-based, preferably something with hyaluronic acid.

Step Three: Moisturize

Lock in the benefits of the serum with a moisturizer. Simon prefers to use a lighter "daytime" moisturizer.


Step Four: SPF

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on SPF. Even if it’s a nighttime wedding or indoors, SPF is necessary to protect your skin.

Step Five: Primer

Finish your pre-makeup skincare routine with primer. Although, you should consult with your makeup artist .

If you want to up the ante on your wedding morning routine, Simon likes chilled gel under-eye masks. If you want to do an entire sheet mask for the whole face, Simon says that’s best done the night before the wedding.

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