Best and  Easy time-management tips

Work out your goals
Once you have worked out the big picture, you can then work out some short-term and medium-term goals.

Make a list
Make sure you keep your list somewhere accessible. If you always have your phone, for example, keep it on your phone.

Focus on results
Good time management at work means doing high-quality work, not high quantity. 

Have a lunch break
Lots of people work through their lunch break, but Emma says that can be counter-productive. 

Prioritise important tasks

Tasks can be grouped into 4 categories:
* urgent and important
* not urgent but important
* urgent but not important
*urgent but not important

Practise the '4 Ds'

Delete: you can probably delete half the emails you get immediately

Do: if the email is urgent or can be completed quickly.Delegate: if the email can be better dealt with by someone else.

Defer: set aside time later to spend on emails that will take longer to deal with.

 Whether it's in your job or your lifestyle as a whole, learning how to manage your time effectively can help you feel more relaxed, focused and in control.

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