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Here’s how to know whether you have a toxic sister-in-law

Tomatophagia may sometimes be associated with nutritional deficiencies, especially in pregnant women. 

She often spreads spicy gossip about you


Saint Lucia,

No one loves a tattletale, yet this is precisely what she may be if you spot her using information she’s gleaned about you to shame you in front of your in-laws.

Per Night

She seeks to control you and retrain you



She always shows up unannounced with a barrage of advice

Make sure to list everything you eat and drink, including the amounts. This can help you find patterns in your diet and symptoms.

Per Night

. You may appreciate your family keeping close with frequent visits, but if your sister-in-law stops over at odd hours, without prior notice, then it may interfere with your own plans

Eat a balanced diet. This will ensure that you’re getting enough nutrients and prevent deficiencies.

Some sisters-in-law even have a tendency to hijack your date night purely because she ‘doesn’t need an invitation to hangout with her brother’.


- Jimmy Carr

If you notice your sisters-in-law exhibiting a lot of the aforementioned traits, then there may trouble in your paradise, and you may have to address the bad behavior.


- Jimmy Carr

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