How to Get Curls With Volume:

1. Use a diffuser.

If you are going for smoother curls, you will want to move slowly and really take your time with the diffuser.  

Moving quickly does create some frizz and flyaways, which is great if you are going for beachy waves or a Carrie Bradshaw look, but not best for polished curls.

Apply product to damp or towel-dried hair before using the diffuser, and include a heat protectant. Which products work best depends on the finish you want and your hair type and texture.

Smooth the hair with hair smoothing lotion at the end if you want to lay down some of the flyaways.

2. Use directional drying.

When you dry the hair in the opposite direction that it will lay once styled, this helps with lift, so lift the hair and scrunch before applying the diffuser. 

3. Finish with a hot tool.

For a curl that really looks natural, think of the length of the hair in thirds. Curl the first third in one direction, then switch,  

If you want an even more dynamic look, select a few different sizes of irons that are similar but not exact to rotate between. You can even incorporate a crimping iron.

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