High-intensity exercise may reduce fatty food cravings.

The appeal of a donut or a cheeseburger can test even the most devoted dieter's resolve, but a recent study suggests new tools that can help us resist the temptation.

The researchers set out to investigate the possibility of exercise to ignore cues that can lead to unhealthy eating.

This may be a TV commercial for hamburgers that makes us want to call and place an order, or a billboard that makes us want to go to the drive-thru.

The rats were placed on a 30-day diet with no access to the pellets and split into two groups

One was forced to do high-intensity treadmill jogging on a regular basis, while the other was allowed to do their normal activities.

 After the dieting period had concluded, the rats were giving access to the lever once again

Nazca Lines

“We’re always looking for this magic pill in some ways, and exercise is right in front of us with all these benefits.”

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