Health Conditions That Raise Risk for Drowning

With summer comes warm weather and swimming. But for some people, knowing how to swim may not be enough to ensure their safety.

About one in three adults and children over age 10 who drowned in Canada between 2007 and 2016 had a chronic health condition, the study found.

Those at the top of the list were folks with ischemic heart disease, a common condition, and those with seizure disorders.

Women aged 20 to 34 who had seizure disorders had a drowning risk that was 23 times greater than that of the general population, the researchers said.

Most drownings happened while someone was alone. Activities that led to drowning were swimming (25%) and boating (24%), with 36% occurring in lakes or ponds.

About 81% of people who drowned were male. About 63% of drownings happened in urban areas, the investigators found.

"It's a dangerous place to have something that causes you to lose consciousness or lose your ability to extract yourself from a situation.

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