Harness the Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Hang a bundle of eucalyptus leaves in your shower and enjoy the amazing health benefits of this ancient healing plant.

The oil contains many beneficial ingredients such as 1,8-cineole, also known as eucalyptol. It also boasts plant-based antioxidants, known as flavonoids, and tannins, which reduce inflammation.

• Cold and respiratory problems. Eucalyptus is featured in many products to relieve the symptoms of the common cold. It’s an ingredient in the popular Vicks VapoRub that loosens phlegm and reduces congestion.

• Pain relief. A 2013 study on patients who underwent a total knee replacement found that those who sniffed eucalyptus oil reported less pain than non-sniffers, says Cohen.

• Skin cancer. It is the 1,8-cineole, that targets skin cancer cells and makes them retreat.

• Promotes relaxation. Eucalyptus is widely believed to reduce stress. In one study, 62 healthy people experienced significant reduction in pre-surgery anxiety after inhaling eucalyptus oil.

• Insect repellent. In 1948, the United States officially recognized eucalyptus oil as an insecticide and miticide, for killing mites and ticks.

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