Health Benefits of a Cold Shower

Extreme athlete Wim Hof, host of the BBC program Freeze the Fear, says there is “power in the cold shower.

Hof, who set a Guinness World Record for swimming under ice, says that a “cold shower a day keeps the doctor away,

He asks celebrity participants on his television show to have a cold shower of 12 degrees Celsius or about 53 degrees Fahrenheit every day

increasing the duration of the shower from 15 seconds to two minutes. The guests’ reaction to the cold therapy tells a shocking tale.

that cold water improves heart function by training the tiny muscles in the cardiovascular system much like we train our larger muscles by going to the gym.

Immersing the body in cold water can improve circulation according to one study that found cold water after exercise constricted blood vessels.

When the cold water stopped, the body had to warm itself up. In doing so, the vessels increased in size allowing more blood flow. After four weeks, the blood flow to and from muscles improved.

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