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Mexico is fast becoming one of the most popular countries for a backpacking trip, and it’s clear to see why. From ancient Mayan ruins to intriguing cenotes to lush jungle, Mexico offers a diverse and exciting array of scenery to explore.

Backpacking Mexico Itinerary

Finding out which places in Mexico you must visit will help you create the best backpacking Mexico itinerary.
Take a look at these destinations you should visit while backpacking Mexico.

Mexico City

Starting your adventure here is a great way to get your bearings
Multiple lakes, fountains, botanical gardens, museums, and a castle are all part of Chapultepec.
There are multiple lakes, fountains, museums, a botanical garden, and a castle in Chapultepec!t by the Aztecs


If you take the bus, you'll experience more adventure and will stop at some amazing destinations, starting with Oaxaca
Stunning Colonial architecture, markets, and museums in downtown Oaxaca - a World Heritage Site
It is known for its food and restaurants.

San Cristobal

Colonial architecture, like the iconic yellow cathedral, dates back many centuries
Sculptures, handicrafts, jewelry, gemstones, and textiles are sold at this lively artisan market
Trek to the canyon and take a boat down the river to see its tall canyon walls up close


Historical ruins from 799 AD can be found at this expansive historical site, which makes it an ideal place to spend the day
There are temples, a waterfall, a pyramid, and the place has a jungle vibe to it
You can stay on the road between the town and the ruins in one of the forest hostels


In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ancient City of Mexico is also one of the safest cities in the country
Explore ancient Mayan ruins without the crowds.
Every Friday night, the city throws an unofficial outdoor salsa party

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