Fun Sewing Patterns and Guides for Dresses and Separates

In an age when many people are looking at their spending habits and looking closely at how long their clothes last, it could be a great time to pick up sewing and create your own wardrobe!


The Briar Top: This top has the look of a corset combined with a comfortable T-shirt.


Sewing Easy Pants: This sewing pattern can help you learn how to make straight pants with a flat waistband on the front and elastic in the back.

Skirts and Shorts

A Simple Skirt Tutorial: Skirts are fairly easy to sew, so they’re a great starting point for people just getting started learning how to sew their own clothes.


Dress Pattern Tutorial: This dress pattern is simple and comfortable, especially if you choose a stretch fabric that can accommodate all shapes and sizes.


Cross-Back Apron: Aprons are a great beginner sewing project, and the straps on this apron add a bit of flair to a practical piece.

How to Sew a Fleece Scarf With a Cell Phone Pocket: Scarves are an important accessory during the colder months, and having a cell phone pocket in your scarf can keep your phone safe from snow and sleet.

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