Hula hoop workouts are an A way to get aerobic exercise, according to Pla. "Hula hooping really gets your heart rate going," she says. 

This is especially true as you become more skilled with the tool and perhaps use multiple hula hoops at once or try fun tricks such as walking, squatting, dancing, or even jumping during a hula hoop workout.

Better yet, unlike many other aerobic exercises (running, hiking, dancing, etc), hula hoop workouts are low impact. 

"Because hula hooping is low impact on the knee and hip joints, it's something people of all ages can enjoy," says Keyahova.

The heart isn't the only muscle recruited during a hula hoop workout, though. "Moving the hula hoop around your body requires your core muscles — especially your obliques — to work,"

our core is made up of many muscles that run from your pelvis to chest and all away around your torso to keep you upright and stable, she explains.

To keep the hoop circulating around you, hula hoop workouts also activate and strengthen your glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings, and calves, says Pla.

the tool also works the muscles in your upper body including your traps, triceps, biceps, forearms, and shoulders, she adds. Just consider your hula hoop workout a total-body burner!

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