Exercisers Have Lower Risk for Depression: Study

15 existing studies with data on exercise and depression, finding an association between physical activity and depression risk.

The investigators estimated that almost 12% of cases of depression could have been prevented with a certain amount of exercise.

People engaging in brisk walking for 2.5 hours a week had a lower risk of depression than those who didn't exercise at all, the study found.

Any movement, every movement, every step counts. It doesn't have to be as much as you need for physical health.

You can get by with half of that, and this is very consistent with the literature," said Jennifer Heisz, a neuroscientist who was not involved in this study.

The researchers found that people who accumulated half the recommended amount of physical activity had an 18% lower risk

"I think that the accumulating evidence is clear that we need to start having a conversation around the benefits of exercise

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