Even a Little Light in Your Bedroom Could Harm Health?

People who sleep with a light on may be unwittingly keeping their nervous system awake, a small study suggests.

The study of 20 healthy adults found that just one night of sleeping with the lights on spurred changes in people's functioning:

Their heart rates stayed higher during sleep compared to a night with lights off.

The effects were not dramatic. But it's plausible that small effects, night after night, could ultimately affect a person's health.

But in the meantime, she said, there's little downside to dimming the lights before going to sleep.

A light on the red/amber end of the spectrum is better than white or blue light, Zee added, because it is less stimulating for the brain.

people who already have insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar, to see if lights-on (or TV-on) sleeping makes the issue worse.

people who still get the flu after receiving a shot tend to have less severe symptoms that last for a shorter period.