Europe’s 10 best new design hotels

ÖÖD Hötels, Laheranna, Estonia

This is ÖÖD Hötels’ eighth collection of mirrored cabins in Estonia and is easily reached from Tallinn, a 45-minute drive away.

M.Ou.Co, Porto, Portugal

M.Ou.Co., a 62-room hotel with a music hall and cultural area, is expected to be a buzzing new addition to Porto's Bonfim district.

Casa Cook Samos, Greece

Its low-cost, high-style apartments in Greece and Egypt, this one with pinky-brown cubic architecture based on traditional local kamares, are ideal for the Insta generation (houses).

Aristide hotel, Syros, Greece

In Hermoupolis, a town of marble pavements and palatial structures, the nine-room "eco art hotel" with rooftop restaurant and art gallery is located.

Hôtel de Cambis, Avignon, France

 the French art of living”, the freshly uncorked Hôtel de Cambis is one for oenophiles. 

MOB House, Paris, France

This is one of those hotels that reckons it has come up with a new formula, this time “3-in-1” rooms, incorporating bed, office and meeting room. 

Hotel Hotel, Lisbon

the Botanical Garden of Lisbon is worth considering for its fabulous dark-tiled outdoor pool, backed by a living green wall and tasteful graffiti.

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